The Company


Clearview Vehicle Services has an outstanding reputation in the industry for restoring classic and vintage cars, but specialising in Delahaye automobiles. We are a third generation of vehicle repair specialists.

What begun as a hobby well over a decade ago has evolved into a successful and thriving business, though the same passion for vintage cars still runs throughout the company. And that passion finds its expression in a company-wide emphasis on quality at every level, exemplified in our Concours winning preparation.


Since then the company has carried out work and restored many interesting vehicles including ERA's, Lagonda's and many more classic marques. The cars we have restored have been to an excellent standard and some have gone on to win the Benson and Hedges Concours trophy.

If you want to commission a special project, we can take your specification and build it from the ground up. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the craftsmanship throughout our work will more than do justice to the weight of your investment.