Delahaye Parts For Sale

Description Cost
Delahaye 135/235 Delage D6/70 engine gasket sets 145.00
Fuel pump seal kit 59.50
Delahaye exhaust manifold gaskets each 9.00
Delahaye exhaust manifold to down pipe gasket each 10.00
Inlet manifold/exhaust manifold M7x 1.00mm studs each 2.50
Uprated rocker shafts set Out of stock
Exhaust valves each 42.50
Inlet valves each 40 mm 45.00
Uprated high lift valve spring set including shims for correct seat height 295.00
Valve collets set for 12 valves 66.00
Valve spring retainers each inc. collets 22.50
Valve guides (colsibro) each 25.00
Pushrod guides (colsibro) each 27.50
MS camshafts POA
Inlet valve 42mm 47.50
Various used parts pleas ask. POA
Timing chain 69.50
Aluminum water jacket fully machined 325.00
MS low water pump. Exchange unit required POA
Steel brake drums each POA
Solex 44HD side draft carbs set Includes inlet manifolds and linkage POA
Bendix brake internals POA
Brake back plates each fully machined POA
Adjustable camshaft timing gear £195.00
Copper washers for drain plugs each (sump, rear axle and engine water jacket plugs) 2.25
Brake shoe set (no linings) 395.00
Chassis/engine plates 47.50
MS cylinder head complete with valves, valve collets, valve spring retainers, valve guides, pushrod guides, manifold studs and rocker shaft pedestal studs. POA
Rear hubs standard POA
Competition steering worms (faster) 195.00
New camshaft followers. Ground internally and externally. POA
Pushrod POA
MS rocker shaft pedestals POA
Rear shackle pins each. Out of stock
Various instruments available and we can arrange for old units to be over hauled
Hi torque starter motors 475.00
Alternator to dynamo conversions POA
Solid copper head gaskets M and MS 95.00
Piston set made to order Inc. rings and pins POA
New steel connecting rods to suit shell bearings set of 6 POA
Crankshaft timing chain gear and adjustable camshaft gear set 275.00
Oil pump over haul (price is dependent on what parts need rebuilding)
Special non slip coating on camshaft followers each 27.50
Distributor drive gear 195.00
Crown wheel and pinion set (spiral bevel) 3.14 1750.00
Rear Competition axle conversions (center casing required) price is subject to condition unit supplied
Competition bronze steering box mounts unmachined POA
Gear box clutch release bearing spring 45.00
Aluminum steering box conversions POA
Flywheel to suit modern clutch 475.00
Modern flywheel and clutch kit conversion 895.00
MS rocker cover aluminum made to order POA
Engine fan assembly 175.00
Road wheels wire 18" POA
Bendix brake spring kit one axle (includes shoe retaining pins and cups) POA
Throttle spring (main spring for pedal) each 65.00
Lock washers (lock tabs) set for 1 engine 75.00
Brake cables various sizes per cable POA
Head bolts (set) 467.50
Solex 40 PAI/AIP rebuild kits 135.00
Water pump pulley in aluminium 250.00
6 cylinder engine (as found) POA

We also carry out full flow oil filter conversions, white metal bearings, carburetor over hauls, etc.

There may be items not listed that we do manufacture or can supply. If there is an item not listed above and is needed please do not hesitate to contact us.

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